September 25, 2005

Divided Papers Fail to Agree on Headline, Reporting

I had the occasion to read both the Washington Post and the New York Times today. Here are their articles reporting the same story. The headlines are from the print editions -- the on-line version in the Times has a slightly different headline now.

New York Times:
Nuclear Agency Votes to Report Iran to U.N. Security Council for Treaty Violations

VIENNA, Sept. 24 - Iran's showdown with the West over its nuclear ambitions entered a new, more volatile phase on Saturday, as the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency voted to report the country to the United Nations Security Council for violating its obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Washington Post:
U.N. Body Cites Iran On Nuclear Program: Divided IAEA Board Fails to Agree on Referring Case to U.N. Security Council

VIENNA, Sept. 24 -- The board of the International Atomic Energy Agency passed a resolution Saturday saying that Iran violated its nuclear treaty obligations by secretly developing a nuclear program. But in a sign of deep division, the agency delayed reporting the matter to the U.N. Security Council, as required by statute.

They report, you decide?

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September 20, 2005

United for Peace and Justice and Reading

It just occured to me that this Saturday's anti-war March on Washington will occur at roughly the same time and nearly the same place as the National Book Festival, hosted by first lady Laura Bush. I hope everybody gets along — those bookworms are notoriously rowdy.

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September 13, 2005

Piss Called Rain, Sources Say

I received this email today:

@TIMES - Inside 
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Notice to Our Readers:

We want you to know about some exciting changes that will 
soon take place on

On Monday, Sept. 19, we will introduce TimesSelect, a new 
service from The New York Times, providing exclusive online 
access to Op-Ed columnists, The Archive, Web tools and more. 

As a loyal member, you can sign up early for 
TimesSelect at a significant discount. You have until Sunday, 
Sept. 18, to take advantage of this offer. 


Wow, I'm really excited that I'll now have to pay in order to access content that used to be free. Awesome!

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